16 September 2020

IIASA joins forces with the Climate Alliance Austria

The institute’s internal projects which promote sustainability and raise awareness on climate-related issues, led to the start of a successful membership in 2019. The IIASA-Climate Alliance philosophy: integrating climate protection and sustainability into everyday research.

© Santapong Ridprasert | Dreamstime

© Santapong Ridprasert | Dreamstime

More than 2,000 companies and municipalities, and almost 700 educational institutions in Austria are part of the Climate Alliance Austria (“Klimabündnis Austria”). The network, which is also active in 23 other European countries, focuses on sharing knowledge on climate change and sustainable development by working directly with cities, schools, nurseries, and businesses. Its mission: To raise awareness and generate public and stakeholder support regarding climate protection, climate justice, and sustainable lifestyles, and disseminating best practices on a local, regional, and national level.

IIASA joined the Climate Alliance in 2019 after forming the internal Environmental Committee. The committee focuses on nurturing more environmentally friendly processes and activities at IIASA. This includes improving existing waste management and recycling practices. So-called Sustainability Champions – representatives of each program and department at IIASA promoting these practices and policies – engage with their colleagues to monitor and implement new green initiatives. The aim is to make the institute an even more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace.

For example, the committee organized an evaluation of the institute’s amenities and immediate surroundings. This evaluation included controlling the water quality for IIASA employees, developing Green Event Guidelines, and organizing a print-less-athon with the aim to save paper. It also provides the basis for a future IIASA facility strategy.

Wider initiatives across IIASA included making sure the institute obtains certified green electricity and participating in the Bike to Work (“Radelt zur Arbeit”) month.

Future measures include proposing stricter sustainable procurement and travel policies – paving the way to an even more sustainable working life for all members of staff at IIASA.

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Last edited: 23 September 2020


Rafal Cabala

Process, Quality and Sustainability Manager & AMA Manager Administrative Management Applications - Information and Communication Technologies Department

Process, Quality and Sustainability Manager & AMA Manager Process, Quality and Sustainability Office - Directorate - COO Department


Thomas Schinko

Research Group Leader and Research Scholar Equity and Justice Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program

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