05 November 2015

Aging Society: Effects on work, health and pensions

IIASA Alumnus Christoph Schneider invites alumni to a discussion at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on 5 November.

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Christoph Schneider first arrived at IIASA in 1986 in the Environment Core Program (EVN).  He is currently the Head of Department of the Economic Policy Department at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Economic progress and higher living standards have Contributed to higher life expectancy, longer years of good health and have led to the aging of society. What does this imply for the individual, for Work or The Society as a whole, for the future of work, for the functioning of the health system as well as for the sustainability of the pension system? How should we respond to the aging challenge?How does work need to adapt or do we need to work longer (until we grow old), bearing in mind the ongoing aging progress? How do the health and pension system need to be reformed in order to remain viable? How does the situation look in Austria? And how does it look in other countries?

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