01 July 2016

Economic Symposium: The Economy In Search Of A New Enlightenment

IIASA Alumnus Christoph Schneider invites alumni to an economic symposium on 30 August - 01 September at the European Forum Alpbach 2016.



Christoph Schneider first arrived at IIASA in 1986 in the Environment Core Program (EVN).  He is currently the Head of Department of the Economic Policy Department at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is co-organizing with the Chamber of Labour the Economic Symposium: The Economy in Search of a New Enlightenment and invites IIASA's alumni community to join the discussion on 30 August.

At the Alpbach Economic Symposium, experts, entrepreneurs and academics hunt the signs of tomorrow's economy. Agile, curious and ready to change at a moment's notice: this is the formula for success in the new economy. Everyone - society, business and individuals - faces the same challenges: digitalisation, cultural shifts and migration pose questions to which our economic policies no longer provide sufficient answers. Economic mechanisms and correlations also lose their importance in the rush to and from the new. Fresh ideas and individual actions point towards a turning point in economic history. Have classical economic models served their time? Which skills will be valuable in the economy of tomorrow? What can Europe learn from Atlantic and Asian economies?

A detailed program may be found here.

Christoph Schneider's personal invitation to alumni: 

"The Alpbach Forum is really a special place. It allows you to step in to an unusual world. A world in which all sorts of different people come together far away from the daily rat race to think and talk. And especially think before they talk.

And its really cool to have everything from students to top managers, from politicians to academics, all on the same level in small personal groups, in which the goal is to exchange ideas and thoughts, and not to be right or wrong about something.

This year the discussions will be especially invigorating. It's mainly about present challenging times and how economic models increasingly fail to predict the ever-more complex world around us. Why and how is the economic world is different from what we had anticipated it might become in 2008? Where are the new models to explain what is happening? How can our systems stay fit for the future? And what should businesses and states be preparing for? 

Come by and join the rewarding exchange, the awesome landscape, meet lots of cool people and have fun.”

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