11 January 2017

Recent publication by 2013 YSSPer Emilio L. Cano

Emilio L. Cano recently published a paper in Springer's TOP journal and began a new position at the University of Castilla-La Mancha as Assistant Professor. Below he describes the impact the Young Scientist Summer Program (YSSP) had on these achievements. 

© Emilio Lopez Cano

© Emilio Lopez Cano

As a result of Emilio's YSSP experience in the summer of 2013 with the Advanced Systems Analysis Program, a paper has been recently published in Springer’s TOP  journal co-authored with IIASA scholars, Yurii Yermoliev and Tatiana Ermolieva, and his PhD. supervisor Javier M. Moguerza at Rey Juan Carlos University.

The scientific article, entitled “A strategic decision support system framework for energy-efficient technology investments,” develops an integrated framework for decision support systems (DSS) for the optimal planning and operation of a building infrastructure under appearing systemic de-regulations and risks.

Emilio states, “The topic of the paper, decision making for energy-efficient investments, has become a real concern for building managers and operators, who need to make decisions on technology investments under the pressure of tight budgets, regulations (and de-regulations), and uncertainties. In this regard, the framework presented in this publication, which is a major result of my YSSP research and my PhD dissertation, proposes a so-called ‘stakeholders dialog’ based not only on data or black-boxed solutions, but on the importance of the models under a reproducible research approach.”

“My stay in the YSSP at IIASA in the summer of 2013 was definitely crucial in my academic career, not only for this important publication, but also for finishing my PhD Thesis and getting a European doctorate at Rey Juan Carlos University the following year. The international experience, along with the interaction with IIASA’s researchers, is really priceless. Later on, I received from the Spanish accreditation body the mandatory accreditation to become an assistant professor, position that I have recently reached at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences in Ciudad Real."

Prior to the publication of this paper, Emilio co-authored the paper “A multi-stage stochastic optimization model for energy systems planning and risk management” published in Elsevier’s Energy and Buildings, in which the IIASA YSSP is also acknowledged. In addition to energy systems and uncertainty modelling, Emilio’s research interests include quality control and improvement methodologies and computational statistics, with contributions to the R statistical software, having published a package and two monographs on those topics.

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