28 June 2018

Alumnus Dennis L. Meadows

Congratulations to Dr. Dennis L. Meadows on recently being inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO and recently publishing The Climate Change Playbook.

© Dennis Meadows

© Dennis Meadows

Dr. Dennis L. Meadows was recently inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO. This award honors "the achievements of those who have contributed to the conservation of the global environment." It contributes "to the efforts and shared purpose of all people regions, and countries dedicated to solving our planet's environmental problems by sending a message from Kyoto to the rest of the world at this commendation ceremony."

Meadows also published The Climate Change Playbook: 22 Systems Thinking Games for More Effective Communication about Climate Change. This publication presents "twenty-two games useful to those trying to help others understand and deal more effectively with climate change. These games facilitate the processes of communication and teaching." Its goal is to help "people perceive climate change dynamics and anticipate its consequences."

About Dennis L. Meadows

Dr. Meadows graduated from Carleton College with a BA in chemistry and received a doctorate in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
He served as the project leader of a 1972 report to the Club of Rome entitled "The Limits to Growth", and sounded a warning as to damage caused to the environment by economic growth. In 1977, he was a research scholar in the IIASA Energy Program, and returned to IIASA in 1983-1984 to work in the Institutions and Environmental Policies Program.

He was a professor over a period of 35 years, at three universities. He has lived in four countries as a visiting research scholar and visited over 40 countries as a speaker and consultant. In addition, he has four honorary doctorates for his contributions to environmental education.
He designs sophisticated computer simulations and operational games on issues related to energy, environment, and sustainable development. These are used in training programs around the world by corporate, university, and other institutions. 

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Monika Bauer

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IIASA Network and Alumni Officer Communications - Communications and External Relations Department

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