29 March 2018

2016 YSSPer Mingshu Wang

Mingshu Wang is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Geography, University of Georgia, USA. He recently first-authored a paper in Journal of Urban Planning and Development exploring the relationship between urban forms and carbon emissions in 104 Chinese cities.

© Mingshu Wang at the University of Georgia

© Mingshu Wang at the University of Georgia

2016 YSSPer Mingshu Wang shares with us the importance of his recent publication "Exploring the Relationship between Urban Forms and CO2 Emissions in 104 Chinese Cities," and how the YSSP impacted his work.

"Managing anthropogenic carbon emissions is a significant challenge to Chinese cities, as China has become the world’s leading emitter of CO2 since 2007. Despite the common mitigation strategies of technological innovations and market-based methods, the recent wave of “smart cities” also highlights the importance of integrated approaches. With empirical evidence in 104 Chinese cities, this study contributes to the dialogue that urban forms can be used as a supplementary emission reduction strategy. Specifically, cities with more centralized and compact urban forms are associated with lesser CO2 emissions. Additionally, we found substantial economies of scale in CO2 concerning total population and a considerable wealth effect on CO2 emissions. This paper concludes with spatial planning policy implications. 

I attended the YSSP at the end of my first year as a PhD student. The YSSP fellowship at the Advanced Systems Analysis Program has a lasting impact on my research and life. It opened up the areas of system-thinking and system-analytical approach to me, which has pushed me to explore complex systems (e.g., urban systems). It also has inspired me to apply research on issues of global relevance and universal importance."

About Mingshu Wang

Mingshu utilizes GIScience and big data analytics to understand urban systems and sustainable urban/regional development. He participated in the 2016 YSSP in the Advanced System Analysis Program, sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of United States. Currently a final-year PhD Candidate in Geography (GIScience) at the University of Georgia, Mingshu defended his dissertation on 26 March and graduates in May 2018.

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Mingshu Wang's recent publication

Exploring the Relationship between Urban Forms and CO2 Emissions in 104 Chinese Cities

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