03 October 2015 - 06 October 2015
Kyoto, Japan

Science and Technology in Society Forum

Science and technology has brought enriched quality of life across much of the globe, however, some developments raise important ethical, safety and environmental issues. How can we harness science and technology for the benefit of all, while avoiding the pitfalls?

Kyoto © Worldwidestock | Dreamstime

Kyoto © Worldwidestock | Dreamstime

This week IIASA Director General and CEO, Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat will speak at the Science and Technology in Society Forum held in Kyoto, Japan. Kabat will speak at a brainstorming session on sustainable development in the water sector. The session will examine technological innovations to improve drinking water supply for disaster-stricken communities, as well as trends in chemical pollution and the action needed to reduce it.

The IIASA Water Program, which examines issues at the nexus of water, food, energy, and environmental security, has provided insights into these and other issues since its launch in 2013.

Hilal Ali Al-Hinai, the secretary general of Oman’s Research Council, will chair the session, and Kabat will be joined by other distinguished speakers, including:

  • Charles Kennel, professor emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California 
  • Rik Eggen, deputy director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology 
  • Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen, director of the Brace Centre for Water Resources Management
  • Taikan Oki, professor at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

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Every year the Science and Technology in Society Forum attracts around a 1,000 global leaders in science and technology, policy, business and media from about 100 countries, regions and international organizations. After each forum a statement is released summarizing the issues discussed. After the 2014 meeting, for example, the statement emphasized the importance of linking innovation in one part of the world to others that need them, as well as the need for greater collaboration between science and society, to increase public trust and promote significant changes in individual and social behavior.

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