23 May 2016
Palais Strozzi, Josefstädter Straße 39, 1080 Vienna

IIASA joins Complexity Science Hub Vienna

At the Visions for Complexity Conference, organized by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH), IIASA was officially announced as CSH’s newest member

© Casaalmare | Dreamstime

© Casaalmare | Dreamstime

The objective of CSH is to host, educate, and inspire complex systems scientists who are dedicated to collect, handle, aggregate, and make sense of big data in ways that are directly valuable for science and society. Focus areas include smart cities, innovation dynamics, medical, social, ecological, and economic systems. CSH is a joint initiative of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Graz University of Technology, Vienna University of Economics and Business and – its newest member – IIASA.

At the Visions for Complexity Conference on Monday, 23 May – as part of the Opening Party from 7pm – IIASA was officially announced as CSH's newest member. Advanced Systems Analysis Program Director Elena Rovenskaya represented IIASA at the event. 

At the Visions for Complexity Conference Opening Party: Stefan Thurner (first from left), President of CSH and Senior Research Scholar at IIASA, and Elena Rovenskaya (second from left), Advanced Systems Analysis Program Director at IIASA © Christine Knoll-Ramach

Visions for Complexity Conference

Thirty-five internationally acclaimed scientists met at Vienna’s Palais Strozzi and shared their vision on complexity science in the next decade, how complexity science and big data science could help society to tackle global challenges. Please click here to download the conference agenda.

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Last edited: 17 June 2016


Elena Rovenskaya

Program Director and Principal Research Scholar Advancing Systems Analysis Program


Visions for Complexity

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