10 June 2017
Laxenburg, Austria

Fifth Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day 2017: Focus on Water

IIASA researchers joined the community of Laxenburg and A K Klimabundnis for the fifth Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day

 © Marktgemeinde Laxenburg

© Marktgemeinde Laxenburg

At the event, IIASA researcher Peter Burek answered questions on global water issues as well as those specific to Austria. He also talked about the water-energy-food nexus with a special reference to climate change. Apart from that, Burek briefly introduced the water program at IIASA and its flagship initiative “Water Futures and Solutions”.

During the event the newly installed photovoltaics panels were put in operation at the purification plant in Laxenburg at the Hahnenwiesenweg. They will provide part of the operating electricity of the water treatment facility.

Peter Burek (left) speaks at the fifth Laxenburg Energy and Climate Day © Marktgemeinde Laxenburg

Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day 2017

As a “Climate Alliance” community in Austria, Laxenburg strives to raise awareness about environmental issues and making smart choices to reduce their environmental impact. This year’s event was focused on issues and challenges related to water.

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