24 May 2018 - 25 May 2018
Venice, Italy

IIASA at the 2nd Preparatory Meeting of the 26th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

IIASA provides scientific insight to the evidence-based discussion during the Second Preparatory Meeting of the 26th Economic and Environmental Forum of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which took place in Venice on 24-25 May 2018.

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Combined efforts of policymakers and academia are needed to address current topical challenges facing OSCE activities in economic and environmental dimension. This is where IIASA, through its science-diplomacy mandate and based on a multi-year research project CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION WITHIN A WIDER EUROPEAN AND EURASIAN SPACE, continues to provide scientific support to the OSCE.

Dr. Leena Ilmola-Sheppard, Senior Research Scholar at Advanced Systems Analysis Program, represented IIASA at the Meeting, organized by the Italian OSCE 2018 Chairmanship in co-operation with the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA).

This event was dedicated to the promotion of economic progress and security in the OSCE area through innovation, human capital development, and good public and corporate governance.

In the focus of discussions were the following main topics:

• Investment policies and promotion of favourable business climate to accelerate economic growth in the digital area;

• Human capital development as an essential factor for economic security, growth, development and competitiveness;

• Building knowledge, skills and competences in the digital era;

• Promoting security through social equity; 

• Strengthening good public and corporate governance through transparency and accountability.

Dr. Ilmola-Sheppard contributed from the scientific perspective with a presentation to the Session I on investment policies and favourable business climate for acceleration of economic growth in the digital era. Her speech fostered fruitful deliberations on such issues as impact of digitalization on investment and economic relations, good economic governance reforms to promote innovation and growth, role of governments and business in supporting economic growth, to name just a few.

Among other eminent speakers of Session I were Mr. Dmitry Matusevich, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus; Mr. Atanas Kolev, Senior Economist at the European Investment Bank; and Mr. Zviad Kvlividze, Deputy Director of Enterprise Georgia.

The Economic and Environmental Forum is the main meeting-cycle within the Economic and Environmental Dimension of the OSCE. Its objective is to stimulate political dialogue among the 57 OSCE participating States on key economic and environmental issues related to security.

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Leena Ilmola-Sheppard

Guest Emeritus Research Scholar Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program


Sergey Sizov

Science Diplomacy Officer Communications and External Relations Department




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