07 April 2021
Federation of Austrian Industries, Vienna, Austria

6th Viennese Talks on Resilience and Networks: Principles for resetting a post-Corona world

The 6th Viennese Talks on Resilience and Networks is co-organized by IIASA and FASresearch. In an effort to support a convergence of ideas between systems ecology, complexity, ecomimcry, sustainability, networks, resilience and "building back better", authors of the recently published book “A New Ecology: Systems Perspective” are meeting in this workshop to provide insight into ecological principles. 

The notion of resilience has been around for decades but has gained importance as we witness disruption in many major systems (e.g., economic, climate, biodiversity, equity, and human health) and wonder whether we are nearing any irreversible tipping points.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the latest crisis we find ourselves in. As nations around the world are gaining control of the virus through vaccines and social health measures, there is a loud call to “build back better”, namely in terms of building more resilience into our systems. We believe the lessons learned from studying the energy and matter flows as well as redundancy and network relations that have allowed our ecosystems to sustain for millennia area good starting point for discovering general principles for system design and function.

Join us for a series of talks followed by a discussion that explores a range of topics and offers new perspectives on ecological systems thinking and networks.

 Participation is for free. Please register by sending an email to: .


14:00 – 14:25 Key Note The 'transformability' aspect of resilience – I. Darnhofer

14:25-15:55 Session 1: 4x15min Talks + 30min Discussion 

  1. Ecological Principles and Network Mutualism– B.D. Fath  
  2. Network Synergism: Ecology’s Invisible Hand?– B.C. Patten  
  3. Window of Vitality: A Robust World has Trade-Offs– R.E. Ulanowicz  
  4. Is Most always Best? The Dynamics of Ecosystem Integrity and Services vs. Resilience and Adaptability- F. Mueller  

Discussion – Chair U. Scharler  

15:50-16:00 Break
16:00-17:40 Session 2: 4x15min talks + 30min Discussion

  1. Openness Management - Between Construction, Destruction and Re-Construction– S.N. Nielsen  
  2. What Ecological Principles can say about Sustainability– S. Bastianoni 
  3. The Game of Possibilities for Sustaining Coastal Ecosystems under Global Climate Change– J.C. Marques  
  4. Applying Ecosystem Principles on Designing Innovation Ecologies – H. Katzmair 

Discussion – Chair F. Morandi

17:40-18:00 Summary & Closing Remarks H. Katzmair

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Brian Fath

Senior Research Scholar Systemic Risk and Resilience Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program

YSSP Scientific Coordinator Young Scientists Summer Program - Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

6th Viennese Talks on Resilience and Networks

Principles for resetting a post-Corona world


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