30 Sep 2013 - 02 Oct 2013
Hotel Kwan

Partnership Conference: Geophysical Observatories, Multifunctional GIS and Data Mining

A conference to bring together leading scientists and data experts in geophysics, geoinformatics, environmental sciences, applied and advanced system analyses and artificial intelligence. 

Researchers from organizations including the Russian Academy of Sciences, the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, and IIASA will come together in the ancient Russian city of Kaluga to present their latest work in the areas of:

  1. Geophysical observation systems and data mining
  2. The earth magnetic field: Russian-Ukrainian intermagnet segment and its analytic center in Moscow
  3. Geology, geophysics and geoinformatics of the Arctic region: Multifunctional observatories and intellectual GIS
  4. Advanced systems analysis, data mining and artificial intelligence in processing of time series of geomagnetic, geophysical, ecological, socio-economic and biomedical observations
  5. Multifunctional intellectual GIS for geophysical, ecological, socio-economic and biomedical research: evolutional clustering and evolutional game theory

IIASA speakers at the conference include:

Pavel Kabat: “Integrated approaches towards better understanding of the functioning of the Earth system.”

Arkady Kryazhimskiy: “Towards recognition of early warning signals on financial crises.”

Steffen Fritz: “Citizens as sensors and the potential to gather vast amounts of data: examples from the geo-wiki project.”

Elena Rovenskaya: “On methods of representation, visualization and analysis of large data arrays in exploration of systemic risks: Example of food-webs.”

Peter Havlik: “Challenges of Euroasian Integration.”

Nadejda Komendantova: “Generic Multi-Risk Model and Decision-Support Tool for Mitigation of Multiple Natural Hazards Process.”

The conference was also organized as a contribution to the Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative. 

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