01 April 2013

IIASA features in Laxenburg documentary

"The magic of Laxenburg: Between monarchy and modernity" is a documentary film about the history of Laxenburg produced by ORF 2 Documentary Studio. Screened on Austrian ORF 2 TV channel on Monday, April 1, 2013, at 05:35 PM CET.

Laxenburg © IIASA

Laxenburg © IIASA

The film tells the story of Laxenburg from 13th century, when it was used for hunting and fishing trips by the imperial Habsburg family, to modern day, a popular summer resort and a bustling international community.

Today Laxenburg is also home to IIASA, the Austrian Film Archive, and the International Anti-Corruption Academy. The film will also feature these organizations, their history, and the important work they do in the field of research and diplomacy that goes far beyond Austria's borders.

More information about the program is available here.

Please watch the film below.

English version (translation by Aviott John)

German version

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