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IIASA gratefully accepts donations to fund policy-oriented research into issues that are too large or complex to be addressed by a single country or academic discipline. With your help, IIASA can continue to embark on international  scientific investigation into pressing concerns that affect the future of all humanity.

Support young visionary scientists

The IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) offers a common platform for young talented scientists, who get the opportunity to work together to solve problems of global importance, above regional and political disputes. 

The IIASA YSSP Fund accepts donations and directs the proceeds to support young scholars who are not eligible to receive a stipend from an IIASA National Member Organization.

Since its inception in 2011, donations to the YSSP Fund have opened the IIASA door to 30 young researchers from Ethiopia, Thailand, India, Colombia, and many other countries. 

Support women connected to science 

The purpose of the Women in Science Fund at IIASA is to provide a platform of financial support to IIASA women connected to science at all career levels.

Conceived by the IIASA Women in Science Club and managed by the Fund trustees, the fund aims to amplify the scientific contributions and profile of women connected to science.

Support the application of decision science at IIASA

The Howard Raiffa Fellows Program honors Professor Raiffa’s contributions to global understanding and reinvigorates IIASA's application of decision science for analyzing and solving real world problems. 

Donations in honor of Prof. Howard Raiffa will fund senior and associate Raiffa fellows, who will incorporate and integrate decision science methodologies into the analyses of selected IIASA policy problems, with a particular emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence approaches to improve decision science. 

Support postdoctoral fellows 

Donations to the Peter E. de Jánosi Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, endowed in the name of the former IIASA director provide support to selected scholars to spend two years of their postdoctoral research at IIASA. 

The Peter E. de Jánosi fellows work in the fields related to policy and management issues.

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Last edited: 20 January 2020

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