16 February 2015

IIASA, Mexico and USA

IIASA joins the first joint meeting of the Mexican and US National Member Committees to discuss areas of common research interests.

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In February 2015, an IIASA delegation led by Director General and CEO, Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat, visited California. The purpose of the visit was to:

  1. Attend and network at the AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting on “Innovations, Information and Imaging” in San Jose.
  2. Participate in the Mexico and US Committee Meeting. Mexico joined IIASA in June 2014, and this will be the first joint meeting of the Mexico and US National Member Organizations’ Committees. Among other discussion items, the meeting will explore research areas of common interest between the two countries within the topics of water and climate change.
  3. Speak and take part in a reception for IIASA alumni and Friends of IIASA in Southern California

Margaret Goud Collins, IIASA Secretary for Science and NMOs, accompanied IIASA's Director General and CEO during the visit.

Participants of the first joint meeting of the Mexican and US National Member Organizations in California in February 2015

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