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IIASA helps countries navigate smart pathways through today’s global challenges

© Auyjumpee | Dreamstime

© Auyjumpee | Dreamstime

Many of the most serious problems that confront humanity—including climate change, global food security, and sustainable energy—are complex and interconnected. A country’s national interests are tightly connected to these complex global systems. Resolving such challenges requires an understanding not only of the detailed components of each element (disciplinary research) but also their dynamic and interconnecting elements (integrated multidisciplinary research). Systems analysis is one of the few research tools that has both the breadth and depth to truly understand global change, and only through this understanding can a country navigate smart pathways through these global challenges and avoid being simply swept along by them.

The value of IIASA membership

Membership of IIASA helps countries:

  1. Find solutions to the complex global challenges that impact a country’s economy, environment, and society.
  2. Develop their research base for systems analysis.
  3. Establish new multilateral scientific relationships that contribute to a country’s soft power.

1. Solutions to complex global challenges

IIASA provides its member countries with over forty years of expertise in applying systems analysis. This research uniquely combines a problem-driven and solution-oriented focus with an approach that is interdisciplinary, international, neutral, and of the highest scientific quality.  IIASA’s research findings have had impact ranging from helping Europe dramatically cut air pollution to improving the financial resilience of many countries to natural disasters.

2. Research base for systems analysis

IIASA provides a cost effective mechanism for a country to enhance its capability in systems analysis through international research collaboration, capacity building activities, and the mobility of global scientific talent. Further, getting international research exposure for a country’s researchers has been shown to be particularly effective in increasing research productivity, equipping researchers with the skills that employers want, and increasing the economic benefits of research to the country. 

3. Science diplomacy

IIASA brings together a global research network of around 2,500 scholars and over 600 partner institutions to build international and interdisciplinary consortia to find solutions to some of the greatest societal challenges of our time: feeding the world, smarter management of water, building a sustainable energy system, tackling inequality. In this way, IIASA brings scientists from different member countries together to achieve consensus on complex issues—an increasingly important part of diplomacy and foreign relations. These activities also provide IIASA’s members with an alternative ‘soft power’ route to these debates and to the international research which helps underpin them.

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Last edited: 19 February 2020

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