08 January 2015

Fellowship winners extend research at IIASA

Four participants in IIASA’s 2014 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) have been awarded fellowships to return to the Institute in 2015 and continue their research. 



The Peccei and Mikhalevich Awards are given each year for outstanding work by YSSP participants. They provide financial support for the winners to return to IIASA to continue their research projects. In  2013, the awards were extended from three months to six months, and additional honorable mentions are now allowing recipients to come back for another three months of research at IIASA. 

This year’s awards went to four young researchers from four countries:

  • Danielle Haak, a PhD candidate from Nebraska, USA, won the Peccei Award for her research on ecological and social network modeling of invasive species.
    On the blog: Read an interview with Danielle Haak
  • Jun Liu, a PhD student from Beijing, China, won the Mikhalevich Award for her research on air pollution and mitigation policy in the Beijing region.
    On the blog: Read an interview with Jun Liu
  • Thomas Schinko, a PhD student from Graz, Austria, won an honorable mention for his work on impacts of risks perceptions on investment costs of renewable energy sources.
  • Edoardo Borgomeo, a PhD student at Oxford University in the UK, who hails from Italy, won the second honorable mention for his work on drought vulnerability. 

Read more about the award winners and their research projects

From left: Danielle Haak, Jun Liu, Thomas Schinko, Edoardo Borgomeo

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