29 August 2016

Flood resilience portal launched

During World Water Week, an international partnership on flood resilience, including IIASA researchers, is launching an online Flood Resilience Portal to provide essential information and practical solutions for flooding around the world.

©Flood Resilience Portal

©Flood Resilience Portal

Flooding affects more people globally every year than any other kind of disaster. The new Flood Resilience Portal (www.floodresilience.net) will be a space for civil society organizations and local government field staff to share innovation, knowledge and successful practices in building vulnerable people’s resilience to floods. 

The portal will help practitioners to identify challenges and match them with solutions through:

  •  Methodologies and tool kits;
  • Summaries of current research on flood resilience with key recommendations;
  • Case-studies of best practices in building community-level flood resilience;
  • Locally-relevant, contextualized information. 

The Flood Resilience Portal is an outcome of the Zurich Global Flood Resilience Alliance, a unique interdisciplinary partnership comprising Practical Action, the Zurich Insurance Group, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, IIASA, and the Wharton Business School’s Risk Management and Decision Processes Center (Wharton). 

The alliance brings together flood research, community-based programs, and risk expertise with the aim of creating a comprehensive approach that will help to promote community flood resilience. It seeks to improve the public dialogue around flood resilience by demonstrating the benefits of pre-event risk reduction, as opposed to post-event disaster relief. 

“If we are to shift the focus from post-event recovery towards building resilience in the face of floods, knowledge about what works is vital.  We are committed to getting that knowledge and information to people in the field who can really use it.  We are confident that the Flood Resilience Portal will make a significant impact on the lives of people as they build resilience to devastating floods around the world.” 

Visit the new knowledge portal to learn about about how to prepare or respond in case of a flood.

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Reinhard Mechler

Research Group Leader and Senior Research Scholar Systemic Risk and Resilience Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program

Ian McCallum

Research Group Leader and Senior Research Scholar Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program

Flood Resilience Portal


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