17 October 2017

Arctic Futures Initiative partners with Arctic Circle

The IIASA-led Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) has entered into a unique partnership with the Arctic Circle. This alliance combines the expertise of IIASA, a world leader in systems analysis, with the convening power of the Arctic Circle, the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic.



The partnership, which was announced at a plenary session of the Arctic Circle Assembly last week, will provide a systems perspective for the region. In the face of rapid change, the Arctic needs such a holistic approach, bringing together diverse stakeholders and spanning the economy, society, the environment, climate, technology, and geopolitics.  

“The changes occurring in the Arctic will be crucial, not just for those living and working in region, but also for the rest of the world,” said IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat. “There is an urgent need to build scientific and geopolitical bridges, and work towards sustainable development for everyone. The Arctic is a complex system, and it’s future can only be addressed affectively in a systemic and transdisciplinary way. This is where IIASA and its global community will make a contribution. IIASA is proud to be able to partner with the Arctic Circle and I would like to commend former President Grímsson on his vision and leadership in putting together this influential global forum. I am very pleased to announce the partnership of the AFI and the Arctic Circle, both partners bring unique strengths to the table, making up a more powerful whole.”

“The Arctic Futures Initiative will use the facilities of a remarkable institution, IIASA, to help us to map out the future of the Arctic. The Arctic Circle will facilitate connections and create a constructive dialogue. Together we will work to produce the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis of the Arctic,” said the Chair of the Arctic Circle and former President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

AFI focuses on providing decision makers with options that balance environmental protection, economic prosperity, and societal wellbeing for the Arctic. Along with the main partners, IIASA and the Arctic Circle, it also includes the perspectives of over 70 stakeholder institutes, businesses, indigenous communities, investors, and foundations. It aims to provide comprehensive analysis and synthesis for Arctic and non-Arctic countries alike, including policymakers, Arctic residents, and civil society.

As the development and globalization of the region continues, the development of economic opportunities must be balanced with the need to safeguard the environment, diverse cultures, social wellbeing, and livelihoods.

17.10 IIASA at the Arctic Circle

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