Case Studies

The case studies featured here are examples of art projects that provide affective perspectives on global problems, complementing scientific information in order to move towards possible solutions.

Systems analysis has always been interdisciplinary, spanning multiple fields of science, but so far, art has been excluded. Here we examine the role art can play in systems analysis and how it might contribute to a global transformation to sustainability.


UnEarthing is an interactive performance by artists and scientists that investigates the relationship between humans and nature,  aiming to reveal robust measures for a sustainable existence. It premiered as a special session at the 2019 World Science Forum. More


A boat full of people who have fled their homes is permitted to dock. We know thatmany more such boats will come. What do we do? In what ways can artists and scientists explore this real world dilemma together and come up with a new approach to guide the audience through a solution finding process? More

Dancing with the Future

Can the findings of a paper become applied in the real world when they are turned into art?A collaboration between IIASA and the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University. More

Contextual Matters

What could be a meaningful contribution by IIASA to the Concert for a Sustainable Planet 2017 at Carnegie Hall, New York? The mission of the concert was to inspire hope, dedication, and commitment among groups of people worldwide to build a better planet together and foster positive changes in society. More


How can artistic and scientific processes complement each other to generate better understanding and more informed decision making? More

The Human Mapping Project

Can rituals transform our relationship to our home planet? More

The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store

What scents might we lose because of climate change, and what would the social consequences be? More


The Sustainable Development Goals provide a plan for the world, with the ultimate aim of ensuring “life in dignity for every person on the planet.” But what does life in dignity actually mean?   More

Four Drifting Seasons

Can we feel the temperature rising? More


How can we communicate the wide-ranging effects of climate change in the Arctic to people who have no connection to that region? More

Climate Change Theatre Action

How can we shift the beliefs and values that created climate change to beliefs and values that promote sustainability? More


A dance-science performance debate More

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