IIASA in Brief - Information Kit

Comprehensive information about IIASA and its activities for you to download.

1. IIASA Overview

This document (pdf) briefly presents IIASA, its member countries, its research and capacity building activities and its research quality.

2. IIASA Research Scope, Quality, and Impact

Research Overview (pdf)

Further online information:

Selected Scientific Publications (pdf)

Further online information:

IIASA Research Impacts (selected examples of economic, social, and academic impacts)

Selected awards, memberships, and highly competitive grants (pdf)

3. IIASA Research Programs

Brief presentations on each of IIASA's research programs:

4. Science to Policy Cycle at IIASA: Six Illustrations

The illustrations have been selected because they demonstrate the full life cycle of research at IIASA starting with methodological and interdisciplinary advances which are then applied to studying global challenges in an integrative manner and leading to policy recommendations, which have resulted in positive impacts for economies, societies, and academia.

  • Air pollution in Europe and Asia (pdf)
  • Population projections (pdf)
  • Energy and the Global Energy Assessment (pdf)
  • Evolution and Game Theory (pdf)
  • Multiple Risk Assessment and Foresight (pdf)
  • IIASA Contribution to the IPCC (pdf)

5. Community Services at IIASA: Models, Tools, and Data

IIASA serves as a repository for key datasets on energy, climate, population, and land cover, developed by the Institute and its international research network. IIASA works to ensure that our data and tools are available for use by researchers and policymakers worldwide. Our models and tools are developed in collaboration with stakeholders and applied to challenges at the global, regional, national and sub-national level. IIASA also acts as a convening hub to compare, improve and unify models.

Services to the Research Community: Models, Tools, and Data (pdf)

6. Activities with Member Countries

7. IIASA Governance

IIASA Governance and Structure (pdf)
IIASA Charter

8. Funding

Funding of IIASA and Current IIASA Annual Membership Fee Structure (pdf)

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