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The IIASA science communication fellowship is a highly competitive program that immerses early-career science communicators in the dynamic work of the IIASA communications team.

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The IIASA Science Communication Fellowship, established in 2016, provides the opportunity for one or two early-career science communicators to gain hands-on experience in the IIASA Communications and External Relations Department each summer.  

IIASA research focuses on complex global environmental, economic, technological, and social change that we face in the 21st century. These research findings provide important input to policymakers to shape the future of our changing world and science communication helps provide the bridge between researchers, policymakers, and the general public.  

Working as part of the IIASA communications team, the fellows gain experience in communicating complex systems science for a general audience through a variety of platforms including blogs, the website, and the IIASA magazine, Options. Fellows assist with a variety of tasks including editorial work, website maintenance, media relations, event coverage, social media, and other communication activities.  

Science Communication Fellows also work closely with participants in the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program, producing several pieces of work covering research from the program. 

The fellowship runs from June to August, and provides a modest salary for living expenses as well as travel costs. We are currently accepting applications for the 2022 fellowship.



Fanni Daniella Szakal
Fanni Daniella Szakal has an Msc in Freshwater and Marine Biology from the University of Amsterdam. After finishing her studies she realized that her true passion lies in communicating science and she has been building her career in science communication and journalism ever since. IIASA blog posts by Fanni Daniella Szakal.

Neema Tavakolian
US / Iran 
Neema Tavakolian holds two B.S. degrees from The University of Georgia, USA, majoring in Natural Resource Management and Sustainability, and Fisheries and Wildlife where he specialized in water and soil resources and aquatic science. Coming from an environmental background and having worked in academia and the corporate world, he discovered his passion for communicating science as well as its importance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He wants to pursue a role battling science misinformation and help people understand what’s going on in the natural world. IIASA blog posts by Neema Tavakolian.


Shorouk Elkobros
Shorouk Elkobros has an MSc in Integrated Climate System Sciences from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and professional experience in communications working on projects in academia and the corporate world. She is passionate about visual storytelling and wants to pursue a career in science communication to mainstream climate action. IIASA blog posts by Shorouk Elkobros.

Greg Davies-Jones
Greg Davies-Jones holds an MSc in Physics, specialising in Geophysics and Climate Studies. A major driver for him is communicating and promoting understanding of science - this is as important as executing the science itself. Aiming to forge a career in climate strategy, he is acutely aware of the need for skilled science communicators in this arena. To this end, the IIASA fellowship has provided invaluable experience. IIASA blog posts by Greg Davies-Jones.


Luiza Toledo
Luiza Toledo has an MSc in Public Health and Environment from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) with a background in climate change, biodiversity, and vector-borne diseases. She believes that science communication is the pathway to helping people understand what is happening to the planet and inspire action for a change. IIASA blog posts by Luiza Toledo


Sandra Ortellado
Sandra Ortellado is a Stanford graduate in Human Biology with a Notation in Science Communication. With a background in journalism, physiology, and elite athletics, she will be pursuing a Master of Public Health and working in health communication for behavior change. IIASA blog posts by Sandra Ortellado

Melina Filzinger
Melina Filzinger has an MSc in physics from Heidelberg University in Germany. Her scientific background is in experimental Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics and she has a passion for science communication. IIASA blog posts by Melina Filzinger


Caroline Njoki
Caroline Njoki is a MSc Mass Communication student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya. She has a background in environmental science and wildlife management where her interest in science communication was sparked. IIASA blog posts by Caroline Njoki

Parul Tewari
Parul Tewari has been working in the field of environmental communication and advocacy in India. She worked with the media wing of  a public interest research and advocacy organization called Centre for Science and Environment, based in New Delhi. IIASA blog posts by Parul Tewari 


Anneke Brand
South Africa
Anneke Brand is a postdoctoral researcher at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, where she is doing research in public health, and writes about science in her free time. IIASA blog posts by Anneke Brand | Testimonial

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Ansa Heyl

Communications Manager Communications - Communications and External Relations Department

Communications Manager Communications and External Relations Department


Science Communication Fellow

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