Read what past postdocs have to say about their wonderful experience at IIASA.

Franziska Gaupp

I chose IIASA because it is an international environment with high profile researchers doing interdisciplinary work that translates from science to policy  More

Sibel Eker

 I am glad to be at such a well-established institute and work with scientists leading global environmental change research. More

Katya Perez Guzman

I love IIASA because it combines good science with a wonderful place and a sense of community.  More

Edmar Teixeira

The postdoctoral opportunity at IIASA is a unique experience to work with multi-disciplinary teams. Different from an academic environment, programs are organized to tackle common challenges that society is facing, such as climate change, population growth, air pollution and land use changes. More

Katsumasa Tanaka

I first came to IIASA as a participant of the 2005 Young Scientists Summer Program and later returned as a IIASA postdoc in April 2007. I like the international/interdisciplinary culture here. More

Jose Siri

The unique opportunities available to post-doctoral fellows at IIASA mirror the exceptionality of the Institute itself. More

Tapas Mishra

When I joined IIASA's post doctoral program I soon realized that not all academic theories, however rigorously thought out, can interpret the integrated dynamics of the real world. More

Wei Liu

The IIASA Postdoctoral Program offers a unique experience to help young scientists grow and prosper. More

Nicklas Forsell

IIASA is a unique place to work that will take you on an intense and highly fulfilling journey. People here are highly dedicated to their work and you will be surrounded by an international atmosphere where people want to do a good job and are happy to help you and see you grow. More

Luzma Fabiola Nava

The IIASA Luis Donaldo Colosio Postdoctoral Fellowship offers a unique research experience for Mexican citizens. It is a great program aimed to build and increase research capacity for young scientists by proving a riche and dynamic work atmosphere. More

Xiaojie Chen

I think IIASA is a place of international culture and interdisciplinary research. At IIASA, I can discuss and collaborate with colleagues from my own discipline and also have the chance to communicate with colleagues of completely different backgrounds. More

Nuno Bento

What can be more rewarding than working on some of the most pressing issues of our time, using your skills to produce solutions that can have real impacts on the future of mankind? More

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