24 January 2016 - 29 January 2016
Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Frontiers Conference

The Arctic is a global crossroad between commercial and environmental interests. The region holds substantial natural resources and many actors are investigating ways to utilise these for economic gain. Others view the Arctic as a particularly pristine and vulnerable environment and highlight the need to limit industrial development.                                                                                                                               



Arctic Frontiers 2016 will discuss the balance between resource utilisation and preservation, and between industrial and environmental interests in the Arctic.
The 10th Arctic Frontiers conference held in Fram Centre, the High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment located in Tromsø, Norway, the city known as the Gateway to the Arctic. The event takes place during the fourth week of January under the theme “Industry end Environment” gathering some 1400 representatives from science, policy, business and civil society from this important region as well as globally. 

Arctic Frontiers is an international forum in relation to sustainable development in the Arctic. The conference addresses the management of opportunities and challenges to achieve viable economic growth with societal and environmental sustainability. Arctic Frontiers consists of three separate sections with allocated separate meeting days: Arctic Frontiers Policy, Arctic Frontiers Business, and Arctic Frontiers Science.

This meeting is organized to discuss the role that improved Arctic stewardship could play in helping balance the environmental concerns and industrial developments in this fragile and important region mirroring global changes, global economic and environmental developments. The event is focusing on overall questions: How can improved Arctic stewardship help balance environmental concerns with industrial expansion? How can the industrial footprints from future business activities be minimized? What role will existing and emerging technologies play in making industrial development profitable and environmentally friendly, securing a sustainable growth scenario for Arctic communities?

IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) will be presented in the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) breakout session on Tuesday 26 January. AFI will also organize a meeting with the indigenous, tribal and native peoples in connection to the Arctic Frontiers conference.

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