Analysis and Synthesis Report on Arctic Policies, Strategies, and Programs

The aim of this project is to provide a comparative study, analysis and synthesis of national policies and strategies on the Arctic, key Arctic Council documents such as chairmanship programs and ministerial declarations, and governance documents of the Permanent Participants. The goal is to produce a synthesis report on these key documents, leading to a holistic understanding of the variety of approaches to Arctic governance. 

Arctic from space. © Intrepix | Dreamstime

Arctic from space. © Intrepix | Dreamstime

Project Summary

All the Arctic states Canada, Finland, Iceland, Kingdom of Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA, and the majority of the Arctic Council observer countries have national strategies especially for the Arctic. Additionally, the majority of the Permanent Participant groups also have produced various governance documents. But thorough analyses and syntheses of the national strategies and policies of both the Arctic states and the observer countries are lacking, only some general and brief overviews on the strategies of the Arctic states. Furthermore, analysis and synthesis of the consistency or continuation of the Arctic Council chairmanship programs and ministerial declarations are also missing.

To address this gap, AFI is currently undertaking a project that is providing a profound overview of the current state of the Arctic governance environment by bringing these documents together in one report, along with key documents from the Arctic Council Permanent Participants. 

This includes a systematic analysis of strategies and policy documents of the following:

   - The Arctic states and the Arctic Council observer countries
   - The Arctic Council Permanent Participants
   - The Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting Declarations
   - The Arctic Council Chairmanship Programs

Analysis will include, but is not limited to, understanding how perceptions of the Arctic have changed over time, how the different states and major organizations understand, define and address issues around the human dimension, governance, international cooperation, environmental protection, pollution, climate change, security, safety and search & rescue, the economy, tourism, infrastructure, and science and 

The final report will be launched in autumn 2019.

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