About the Arctic Futures Initiative

Concept Note

The Arctic Futures Initiative Concept Note describes the rationale behind the holistic systems approach, a unique integrated approach to study the Arctic and the complex interactions - social, economic, technological, environmental, and political - also in relation to global developments.  More

General Overview

The Arctic Futures Initiative: a Holistic Integrated Assessment – Options for Plausible Arctic Futures. We invite you to collaborate by participating in developing and implementing AFI in partnership, to balance economic prosperity, environmental protection and societal well-being in the Arctic. More

How It All Began

The seed for the Arctic Futures Initiative was planted in a seminar on policy support for research, organized by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, the Academy of Finland, and IIASA. Policy-oriented systems analysis is uniquely placed to account for the important role of stakeholders from science, policy, business, and society and obtain a comprehensive view on plausible futures of the Arctic. More

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Last edited: 16 May 2019

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