13 October 2016

Congratulations to AFI researcher Tahnee Prior: In the Canadian Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability!

© By CK Staff

© By CK Staff

AFI staff member Tahnee Prior was selected by Corporate Knights among “Canada’s 2016 30 Under 30 in sustainability”. The magazine is celebrating young leaders across Canada pushing for systemic change and is featuring the ranking in an article “Meet the Canadian Top 30 Under 30”- From aspiring astronauts to social entrepreneurs: Canada's future is in good hands with these leaders (by CK Staff, posted October 13, 2016, Fall 2016 Issue). 

“The world currently faces a trove of seemingly insurmountable problems – from climate change to poverty to human rights, to name a few. Yet humanity is also engaged in the largest mobilization in its history, with millions around the globe fighting every day to build a better future.” 

“The best-educated generation in North American history is eager to change the world in its image, whether it’s by investing through its values, encouraging MBA programs to integrate sustainability into its curriculum or building a more inclusive society.” 

“A sustainable society is one that treats all of our sources of wealth – human, financial, natural, social, and produced – with equal importance. On balance, when we enhance our various forms of capital on a net basis, we enhance our overall wealth.”

Tahnee Prior, 27

Waterloo, Ontario

Tahnee is a leading young Arctic scholar whose passion for environmental and gender rights in Canada’s North informs her academic work and her extensive community engagement.

A PhD candidate at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Tahnee holds both a Trudeau Foundation doctoral scholarship and a Vanier Canada graduate scholarship. She has published and presented her research on Arctic pollution, environmental governance and on indigenous rights and gender in the Arctic. She is a contributor to the Arctic Council’s forthcoming Arctic Resilience Report and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ 2017 Alternative Federal Budget as well as Open Canada. Currently, she is a visiting researcher with the Arctic Futures Initiative at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria. Prior to her doctoral work, Tahnee was the lead researcher of a project on climate change and human rights, commissioned by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and undertaken at the University of Lapland in Finland.

In addition to her academic work, Tahnee recently co-founded Plan A, a platform for women to share stories and research on the North, and has served on the board of the Thousand Network, an organization of young change-makers on five continents.

“My advice for making a difference: be passionate about your work, surround yourself with people who both question and support you, and take some time for yourself.”

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