11 April 2018

Northern Dimension Institute

The Northern Dimension (ND) is a joint policy of the EU, Russia, Norway and Iceland based on dialogue and practical, result-oriented cooperation between the four partners. The transnational approach of the ND allows the countries and regions in the ND area to tackle joint challenges more efficiently in a variety of sectors, including the environment, nuclear safety, health, energy, transport, logistics, research, education and culture. 



The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) is an academic partner in the ND structures established in 2009.

It is a regional university network currently comprising of 33 universities and research institutes in the ND area. The NDI pools expertise primarily in the four priority sectors of the Northern Dimension Policy (i.e. transport and logistics, culture, public health and social well-being, and environment) as well as business and economy.

Since 2013, the NDI has been coordinated in Finnish-Russian cooperation by Aalto University (lead coordinator), St Petersburg State University of Economics, and Northern (Arctic) Federal University. During this coordination period, the NDI has gained an acknowledged role as a dialogue building, knowledge providing and awareness raising partner for the four ND Partnerships.

Through close dialogue with the ND Partnerships, the NDI identifies knowledge gaps, generates new knowledge and efficiently disseminates the existing knowledge that supports the strategic development of the ND Partnerships. In addition, the NDI raises awareness about the Northern Dimension, its actors and achievements among decision-makers and the general public through the website www.northerndimension.info, social media and seminar activities, such as the Northern Dimension Future Forums.

Riitta Kosonen

Riitta Kosonen is Professor and Director of Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT) at the Aalto University School of Business.

During 2016 – 2019 she is also the Programme Director for the Strategic Research Programs “Security in a Networked World” and “Urbanising Society” under the Academy of Finland. She serves as the chair of the Working Group for Social Sciences of the Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological cooperation and was a member of the Expert Advisory Group Horizon2020, Social Challenge 6, for two terms in 2013-2017.

Since 2013, Kosonen has been in charge of the coordination of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI), which is a multidisciplinary university network comprising 33 member institutions in the Northern Dimension area. During this coordination period, Kosonen has focused on developing the NDI into a dialogue building, knowledge providing and awareness raising partner for the four ND Partnerships. The NDI’s activities focus on the four priority areas of the Northern Dimension, i.e. culture and creative industries, public health and social wellbeing, environment, and transport and logistics.

Kosonen has PhD in socio-economic geography from Helsinki School of Economics (currently part of Aalto University) and has an extensive publication record on business and economy in emerging markets. She has vast experience in leading and implementing multidisciplinary research projects and teaching activities focusing on socioeconomic development and business strategies in emerging economies, including Russia, the Baltic States and China. She is a frequently invited speaker and has broad experience of engagement with the business community and policy-makers in research projects and of dissemination of research results to the business community and policy-makers.

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Riitta Kosonen


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