24 June 2019

Blog posts: Arctic Super Week in May 2019 and Calotte Academy

Blog posts by Lassi Heininen in Pan-Eurasian Experiment Arctic-Boreal Hub PEEX Blog. 



Collaboration between two University of the Arctic (UArctic) Thematic Networks (TN): Geopolitics & Security joins efforts with Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) and its UArctic Arctic-Boreal Hub.

Read Prof. Heininen’s Blog posts: “Arctic Super Week in May 2019: from Rovaniemi to Shanghai” and introducing Calotte Academy.

Lassi Heininen is leading the UArctic TN on Geopolitics and Security, with its main aim to examine and combine studies on Geopolitics and Security studies to draw up a holistic picture on Arctic geopolitics and security in globalization, and to identify and analyze their major changes and possible global effects.

The Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) is also hosting a TN called “Arctic – Boreal Hub” which is focused on research, research infrastructure and education activities aimed at resolving sustainability questions in the circumpolar Arctic—boreal regions and to understand the Earth system and the influence of environmental and societal changes in pristine and industrialized Arctic—boreal environments.

Both these TNs are motivated by multi-disciplinary approach – ‘interdisciplinarity’ – and promote the interplay between science and politics. Presently, they are merging their communications via Arctic-Boreal Hub e-newsletter towards these aims. 

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