09 May 2017
Complexity Science Hub Vienna - Josefstädter Straße 39, Vienna, Austria

Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age

The Complexity Science Hub Vienna will gather top researchers on the topic of “Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age”. Organized by Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich and External Faculty of CSH, and Stefan Thurner, CSH President, the workshop participants will shed light on the impact of digital technology on the areas of our daily lives and attempt to sketch out the first outlines of a Society 4.0. 

The digital revolution will leave no one untouched. Digital technologies will fundamentally change the area of services and product portfolios. Entire business models and economic sectors, institutions and even our living together as a society will change – completely new ecosystems will emerge. Even if Industry 4.0 may initially come to mind when one considers the concept of “digital revolution”, this does not go far enough, and the end of the development is still far from being reached: what it will take is Education 4.0, Mobility 4.0, Health Systems 4.0, Science 4.0, Innovation 4.0, Finance 4.0, Sustainability 4.0, Governments 4.0. In short, an overall, comprehensive Society 4.0.

How exactly the digital future of our society could and should look like and how we can make it there are only a few of the questions that will be posed and discussed in the two-day workshop at the Hub.

While on May 8 the workshop participants will discuss the topic behind closed door, we invite you to join the public talks and panel discussion on 9 May.

Complexity Science Hub Vienna

The Complexity Science Hub Vienna was founded with the vision to become the focal point of complexity science in Europe. The founding partners are AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Graz University of Technology, Medical University of Vienna, TU Wien, and Vienna University of Business and Economics. The objective of the hub is to link and inspire complex systems scientists & make sense of big data in ways that are directly valuable for science and society.  

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