Interactions within systems

ASA research within the area "Interactions within systems" focuses on the role of indirect links and connectivity between individual systems within a larger networked system. 

Graph theory, information theory, network analysis and other related fields are employed, and network-based modeling and assessment frameworks are developed. ASA research in this domain focuses on ecological and social applications; some methodologies are also being transferred to other disciplinary areas, for example, to economics, energy policy, and resource management.

Analyzing the role of indirect connections in empirical networks

Advanced System Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop methods and case studies analyzing empirical networked systems from ecological to economic, energy, financial and other ones. They also analyze newly available big data sets on social networks. More

Network dynamics and systemic risks 

Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop dynamic network models of ecological, economic, and social systems. A particular focus is made on the financial systemic risk and cascading failures in the inter-bank lending network. More

Modeling strategic interactions

Advanced System Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop game-theoretic methods to better understand strategic interactions between multiple agents and model the behavior of agents-countries within international environmental agreements to find ways of inducing cooperation.  More

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Last edited: 31 January 2019


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