13 February 2018

Hana Mandova receives Peccei Award

Following the YSSP 2017 program, Hana Mandova received a Peccei Award, which will allow her to come back to IIASA for another three months.

IIASA, Hana Mandova

IIASA, Hana Mandova

Hana Mandova receives a Peccei Award for her study “Optimization of European biomass resources for integrated steel plants”. The funding will allow her to continue with her research project at IIASA for another three months.


The iron and steel plants producing steel via the blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace (BFBOF)
route are one of the biggest single point emission emitters within the European
Union (EU). As the iron ore reduction process is fully dependent on the provided carbon
mainly supplied by coal, bioenergy is the only renewable that present an opportunity
to reduce their enormous coal use. Using the BeWhere model, this work optimised the
biomass resources within the EU-28 countries to identify the opportunities that bioenergy
can bring to this industry.
At optimised bioenergy use, sucient amount of resources within the EU-28 countries
is present to meet the potential demand from the 30 operating BF-BOF plants, whilst
satisfying the wood supply for the already existing industries. The results demonstrate,
however, that bioenergy is economically unappealing and carbon price of 50 e per tCO2
would be required to substitute 20% of the fossil fuels used across all of the BF-BOF plants.
Technologies, such as hydrothermal carbonisation and pelletisation, would enhance those
opportunities and emission reduction of over 4% would be already possible without any
carbon price.
Di erent plants present di erent opportunities for the bioenergy integration, hence
each should be treated individually. The Emission Trading Scheme therefore, may not
be the best policy tool for this emission reduction strategy, as it does not di erentiate
between the opportunities across the plants. It also creates additional costs for the already
struggling industry. Subsidies or tax reliefs might be better tools to enhance the use of
renewables within this industry.

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