10 April 2018 - 11 April 2018
Berlin, Germany

Shaping the future: Domestic and international migration in Europe

World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz is invited keynote speaker at the Berlin Demography Forum 2018.

Refugees at a Christmas party in Scharnhausen, Germany © Frank Gaertner | Shutterstock

Refugees at a Christmas party in Scharnhausen, Germany © Frank Gaertner | Shutterstock

From April 10-11, 2018, leading national and international experts from academia, politics, business and society will come together at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin to discuss the challenges that result from increasing domestic and international migration in Germany and Europe. in different panels, the conference will focus on topics including the future of Africa, frailty research, domestic and international migration in Europe, domestic migration in Germany, domestic migration challenging municipalities and politics, and domestic migration challenging the labor market.

As on of the leading demographers in Europe, Wolfgang Lutz was invited to give a keynote at this conference on Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 at 7PM. Since 1984 at IIASA, Lutz has worked on family demography, fertility analysis, population projection, and the interaction between population and environment. Together with his colleagues at POP, he has been expanding demographic methods to make them more relevant for the analysis of contemporary global policy challenges. He is an advocate in promoting the crucial role of education for dealing with future challenges.

For more information to the Berlin Demography Forum 2018 please visit the event website.

IIASA-JRC Centre of Expertise on Population and Migration(CEPAM)

In June 2016 IIASA's World Population Program and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre launched the Centre of Expertise on Population and Migration is a research partnership. It provides science-based knowledge on migration and demography to support EU policy.

In this framework new demographic scenarios for the EU with a focus on the role of migration will be presented in an extensive book that will include detailed regional and global analyses and projections for 201 countries. The 2018 population assessment covers demographic scenarios by age, sex, and level of education for all countries with a specific focus on the EU. The book launch will take place on 18 April in Brussels.

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