23 January 2019
Vienna, Austria

Future ethics

World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz was invited to participate at  panel discussion hosted by the Viennese Newspaper Wiener Zeitung.

Parent holds the hand of a small child © Kostiantyn Gerashchenko | Dreamstime.com

Parent holds the hand of a small child © Kostiantyn Gerashchenko | Dreamstime.com

The climate is changing and with it the world in there our children grow up. "You say, you love your children above all. And yet, you are stealing their future in front of their eyes" said 15-year old Great Thunberg in Katowice. What will the future bring? Are we running out of time? Can climate change still be stopped? What can or must be done? 

The Viennese newspaper Wiener Zeitung has invited to a panel discussion to investigate those questions.

As one of the world's leading population experts, Wolfgang Lutz was invited to participate at this panel, together with Ulrich Kasparik, founder of climate protection initiative "for our grandchildren", Laura Grossmann, activist at System Change Not Climate Change, and Walter Hämmerle, chief editor at Wiener Zeitung.

Since 1984 at IIASA, Lutz has worked on family demography, fertility analysis, population projection, and the interaction between population and environment. Together with his colleagues at POP, he has been expanding demographic methods to make them more relevant for the analysis of contemporary global policy challenges. He is an advocate in promoting the crucial role of education for dealing with future challenges.

Recently IIASA published a book entitled "Demographic and human capital scenarios for the 21st century" that was produced together with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) under the leadership of Lutz. It examines potential future scenarios on population trends across the world, taking into account migration, fertility, mortality, education, and labor force participation. The work was conducted in the framework of the Centre of Expertise on Population and Migration (CEPAM) a collaboration between IIASA’s World Population Program and the JRC. 

Event details:

Date: 23 January 2019, 7PM

Location: Albert Schweitzer-Haus, Schwarzspanierstraße 13, 1090 Vienna, Austria

For more information and registration please visit the event website.

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