Quality not quantity

Options Magazine, Winter 2014/15: Find the latest on IIASA’s new population projections, stakeholder engagement, resilience to natural disasters, and a new effort to target inequality as a key element of sustainable development.

 In this issue:  

  • New population projections: New broader projections bring a fundamentally improved view of future population;
  • From story to science: Discovering the stakeholders who connect IIASA research to real-world problems;
  • Bouncing forward: An unusual partnership between research, business, and NGOs aims to build flood resilience worldwide;
  • Reflecting on inequality: How the new Alpbach-Laxenburg Reflection Group is developing positive narratives for the path to sustainable development;

Feature articles:

17 November 2014
Quality not quantity

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15:New IIASA population projections bring a fundamentally improved view of future population.  More

14 November 2014
Reflecting on inequality

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15: How IIASA is creating positive narratives for the path to sustainable development.  More

12 November 2014
Bouncing forward

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15: A unique alliance between leading humanitarian and development NGOs, IIASA, and the private sector will help build flood resilience in communities across the globe.  More

11 November 2014
From story to science

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15: Stakeholder consultations, engaged scholarship, bottom-up science – Buzzwords in IIASA research, but what do they mean in practice?  More

08 November 2014
Opinion: Research tools can bridge science and policy

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15: Anne Glover, the first Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, outlines how we can get better at linking science to policy, and vice versa.  More

06 November 2014
Interview: Inequality is a lifelong story

Options Magazine Winter 2014/15: An interview with Tarja Halonen, Finland’s first female head of state.  More

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