Project Activities

Through the following six projects, EEP is building bridges between fundamental and policy-oriented, theoretical and empirical, biological and mathematical, and analytical and numerical approaches to the systems analysis of living systems.

The first four projects unfold EEP's core research agenda, while the last two projects are smaller initiative in collaboration with the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program and the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program. Together, these six projects show how innovative methods inspired by the dynamics of living systems can invigorate and integrate key facets of modern applied systems analysis.

Eco-evolutionary Dynamics of Living Systems

This project will improve models for assessing the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of living systems to allow a better understanding of human-induced impacts on the biosphere   More

Integrated Assessment of Fisheries

This project is developing tools that integrate the biological, social, and economic aspects of fishery systems to help create management systems that promote sustainable fisheries More

Evolutionarily Sustainable Consumption

The evolutionary consequences of fishing affect a host of heritable traits in fish populations, and IIASA researchers are developing a toolkit to allow scientists to assess these impacts. More

Equitable Governance of Common Goods

In a “tragedy of the commons” individuals, acting according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the best interests of the wider group by depleting or degrading a common resource. The Equitable Governance of Common Goods project will help avoid such tragedies by improving the regulation of open resources. More

Eco-evolutionary Vegetation Modeling and Management

The development of eco-evolutionary models will allow scientists to better understand how plants around the world respond to climate change and disturbances such as fires and grazing. More

Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics

The Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics project will examine how different types of systems, ranging from financial to ecological and beyond, are at risk of cascades of failures. As well as assessing this risk, this cross-cutting project will develop tools to help prevent such events. More

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Last edited: 21 January 2019


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