Advanced Systems Analysis

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program aims to produce, practice, and prototype novel system-analytical approaches, methods, and tools which can provide more efficient solutions or solve problems that cannot be addressed by existing tools.

© Kran Kanthawong | Dreamstime

© Kran Kanthawong | Dreamstime

ASA’s overall mission is to advance systems analysis by substantiating the integration of systems methods and applied research to investigate complex systems undergoing global change, with a focus on an integrated, interdisciplinary approach.

ASA researchers:

  • develop “exploratory applied mathematics” by identifying new challenges in systems analysis and elaborating new methods to tackle them;
  • support “transfer of methods” by identifying promising new applications for existing systems analysis methods and developing interdisciplinary case studies;
  • help promote advanced systems analysis approaches to a broad scientific expert community and to the public.

Following the “systems-of-systems” concept, ASA research is organized around three mutually complementing and cross-fertilizing methodological research domains: i) Optimal behavior of systems, ii) Interactions between systems, and iii) System transitions and resilience of systems.

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Last edited: 22 March 2016


Elena Rovenskaya

Program Director and Principal Research Scholar Advancing Systems Analysis Program

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