Activities for 2015

The Risk, Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) Program is well positioned to make substantial contributions in 2015 to all of IIASA’s strategic areas: i) to the Poverty and Equity area with continuing research on resilient communities and national and global safety nets; ii) to the Energy and Climate Change area by continuing and expanding work on climate risk management and renewable energy with a focus on the investment risks and community acceptance; and iii) to the Food and Water area, where RPV continues to examine droughts and floods as they impact on farmers and food security.

Adapted from: © Ximagination | Dreamstime Adapted from: © Ximagination |

Adapted from: © Ximagination | Dreamstime

Selected research tasks for 2015 are:

Flood resilience: Carrying out work in three case study laboratories (Nepal, Peru and Indonesia) to co-generate options for enhancing flood resilience in selected communities based on RPV’s FLORES framework.

Disaster risk management: Informing the debate at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and helping to inform and launch the Global Disaster Risk Report 2015.

Loss and damage: Providing targeted research input to deliberations on the Warsaw Loss and Damage Mechanisms under the Climate Convention, the key mechanisms aimed at providing support for impacts beyond adaptation.

Energy governance: Investigating the economic feasibility and public acceptance of Austria’s model energy regions, which are pursuing climate goals and energy autarky with renewable energies.

Safety nets: Publishing research on (1) the link between insurance and climate adaptation; (2) the assessment of national hazard insurance schemes, (3) risk pooling in Europe and (4) a questionnaire on views on public-private insurance schemes in Romania, Austria and the UK with a focus on equity and efficiency.

Systemic risk: Analysing the systemic risk of bank failure taking account of natural disasters as an additional stressor on the system.

Equitable governance: Piloting the forestry public good game to determine the role of value beliefs (worldviews) in the construction of robust governance regimes.

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