Interactions between systems

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program develops network-based modeling and assessment frameworks to analyze the resilience and risk within social, economic, material, and ecological networks.

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© Dvmsimages | Dreamstime

Interconnected systems occur in every part of life on Earth, from ecological food-webs to the world of financial banking. Examining these systems for what they are, interacting networks, allows systemic risks to be addressed and resilience investigated.

ASA researchers used network analysis to study diverse topics in 2015. For instance, network ecology was used to study the vulnerability of food-webs with respect to anthropogenic stresses. Within banking systems, ASA researchers were able to assess systemic risk using agent-based modeling and show how such systems could be made more resilient. Similar assessments were carried out for trade networks made up of imports and exports.

Analyzing the role of indirect connections in empirical networks

Advanced System Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop methods and case studies analyzing empirical networked systems from the ecological to the economic, financial, energy-related, and others. They also analyze the latest big data sets on social networks. More

Network dynamics and systemic risks

Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop dynamic network models of ecological, economic, and social systems; in particular, financial systemic risk and cascading failures in the inter-bank lending network are studied. More

Modeling strategic interactions

Advanced System Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop game-theoretic methods to better understand the strategic interactions between multiple agents and model the behavior of countries involved in international environmental agreements to find ways of inducing cooperation. More

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Last edited: 15 March 2016


Elena Rovenskaya

Program Director and Principal Research Scholar Advancing Systems Analysis Program

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