Enhancing community flood resilience

In collaboration with the Risk, Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) Program the Water (WAT) Program has continued to contribute to methods to enhance flood resilience. To this end, WAT has led development of the Flood Resilience System Framework (FLORES) to integrate disaster risk management and development perspectives.

 © Akbar Solo | Dreamstime

© Akbar Solo | Dreamstime

FLORES has been applied both to support collaborations between the Flood Resilience Alliance partners and also to plan and implement case study activities; linking theoretical assumptions with practical applications with post-event analysis. In September 2015, the first FLORES workshop was held in Lima, Peru. This brought multiple stakeholders together to come to a common understanding of the dynamics of flood risk, disaster risk management, and development in the Rimac Valley, Peru.

It was agreed that further quantitative analysis is needed using system dynamics modeling techniques, and the development of this model has begun. A study providing a global climate background and an assessment of an influence of El Niño has also been completed.

WAT’s Water Futures and Solutions initiative can provide the Flood Resilience project with local context through case studies. Such local-level analysis is essential to enrich the global water modeling effort leading to actionable insights.


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[3] Burek P, Satoh Y (2015). Flood Resilience in the Rio Rimac basin: El Niño, climate change and flood hazard (risk) modelling. Internal Report.

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Last edited: 10 March 2016


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