Cropland Capture game collects valuable information

The Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Geo-Wiki team used games and social networking in 2014 to build their network of citizen scientists.



Over 3,000 participants have played the game Cropland Capture, on tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer, validating more than 5 million square kilometers of land cover data, an area half the size of the European Union.

Data retrieved from Cropland Capture are currently being analyzed. Interesting findings are being derived in terms of quality of the observations. For example, the game shows some images to players more than once to test how careful observations are. Analysis shows that careful volunteers, that is, users with a lower rate of self-contradiction in observations, agree more with the crowd – see Figure 1 below. Publications will be forthcoming as results are analyzed.

Figure 1 (click on image to enlarge).


[1] Fritz S, Sturn T, See L, Perger C, Schill C, McCallum I, Schepaschenko D, Karner M, Dueruer M, Kraxner F, Obersteiner M (2014). Cropland Capture: A game to improve global cropland through crowdsourcing. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 16: EGU2014-2004.

[2] See, L., Sturn, T., Perger, C., Fritz, S., McCallum, I., and Salk, C (2014). Cropland Capture: A gaming approach to improve global land cover. AGILE 2014, Castellon Spain, 3-6 June 2014.

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Steffen Fritz

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