Activities for 2014

Collaborative research and the "translation" of research results to enhance policy relevance will build on past Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) Program research achievements, with research dissemination activities also continuing to play a major role.

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Activities for 2014 will focus on three main areas:

  • A major emphasis will be on documentation and publication of a series of review papers and modeling application papers for climate policy analysis. These will summarize joint TNT/Energy/RITE work on improved modeling of technology diffusion, innovation strategies, and international technology spillovers in Integrated Assessment models.

  • The past research stream on technology scaling will be complemented by research on the economic dynamics of new technologies during their respective formative and scaling phases. This research is expected to potentially facilitate transfer of research findings from the energy/climate field into other technology domains.

  • With the resumption of full-time research by Nebojsa Nakicenovic after seven years as IIASA Deputy Director General, TNT researchers will develop a number of major, multi-year research project proposals for external funding aiming at an expansion of TNT’s research portfolio. 


    Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Japan.

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Last edited: 22 May 2014


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