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The original Energy Primer, released in conjunction with the Report of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA), has been expanded and updated and made available both online and as a downloadable textbook, along with with support material for educators.



A writing team consisting of researchers from the Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) and Energy (ENE) programs as well as selected collaborators including TNT visiting scholar Kirk Smith has expanded and updated the original GEA Energy Primer text for use as an online educational tool. The Primer aims at introductory and graduate-level courses in energy and at the nexus of energy, development, and climate.

A unique feature of this new online textbook is that it adopts both a systems and an end-use perspective, and puts current and scenario projections into the context of long-run historical developments. The online Primer, which currently consists of both a downloadable textbook and an online version accompanied by support material for lecturers, is already being used at many universities in Europe, the USA, China, and in a number of Asian countries.

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Arnulf Grubler

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Energy Primer online

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