New book on energy technology innovation

Scientists, alumni, and collaborators from the Transitions to New Technologies Program (TNT) contributed to 25 chapters of the book, Energy Technology Innovation: Learning from Historical Successes and Failures, published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.

© Cambridge University Press

© Cambridge University Press

Energy Technology Innovation [1] comprises 20 comparative historical case studies that assess the relative success and failure of policy and entrepreneurial efforts in terms of promoting energy technology innovation.

The project culminating in this book was initiated under the Global Energy Assessment (GEA). A specific value added is it synthesizes and assesses the case studies through a novel common conceptual framework ETIS (the Energy Technology Innovation System) developed by TNT researchers. The book also includes novel data sets, developed to describe global innovation efforts systemically [2].

The ETIS framework is a novel systems-based approach to understanding technology innovation and is applicable beyond energy- and climate-related technologies. The new book uniquely provides a comparative assessment of innovation policies and strategies and their effectiveness, an aspect that is frequently missed in the innovation literature.

The original draft chapters of the book volume are posted on the TNT Web site under an open access model for wider dissemination.


[1] Grubler A, Wilson C (eds) (2014). Energy Technology Innovation: Learning from Historical Successes and Failures. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 

[2] Grubler A, Diaz Anadon L, Sims Gallagher K, Kempener R, O'Rourke A & Wilson C  (2014). Investment Case Studies of Energy Technology Innovation. Case Study 18: Global Financial Resources. Global R&D, Market Formation, and Diffusion Investments in Energy Technology Innovation (investment chapter ETIS book, online version).

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Last edited: 01 April 2015


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