21 February 2013

IIASA Geo-Wiki group wins best paper award

IIASA researchers have won a "Best Paper" award from the journal Remote Sensing, for a study on using crowdsourcing to improve land cover data.

IIASA Ecosystems Services & Management Program researchers Steffen Fritz, Iain McCallum, Christoph Perger, Florian Kraxner, and Michael Obersteiner were co-authors on the paper, "Geo-Wiki.Org: The Use of Crowdsourcing to Improve Global Landcover," which was published in 2009 in the journal Remote Sensing. The paper was awarded 2nd place in Remote Sensing's Best Paper Award for 2013.

The Geo-Wiki project brings together a global network of volunteers working to improve global land-cover data, which is vital for research as well as helping to solve problems such as land grabbing in Africa.


Fritz, Steffen; McCallum, Ian; Schill, Christian; Perger, Christoph; Grillmayer, Roland; Achard, Frédéric; Kraxner, Florian; Obersteiner, Michael. 2009. "Geo-Wiki.Org: The Use of Crowdsourcing to Improve Global Land Cover." Remote Sens. 1, no. 3: 345-354.

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon

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