Professional Benefits

Postdocs at IIASA have the chance to become part of a vibrant scientific community, broadening their research interests and strengthening their skills.

© Monkeybusinessimages | Dreamstime

© Monkeybusinessimages | Dreamstime

Working at IIASA allows postdocs to work in a rich international scientific environment alongside scientists from many different countries and disciplines. It gives the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of applying systems analysis to real-world problems, rather than conducting purely theoretical research. Access to the IIASA network of collaborators, many of whom have highly successful careers in their own specialized scientific area, can also boost career prospects.

Working in the inspiring surroundings of the Laxenburg castle (Schloss Laxenburg), close to Vienna, Austria, one of Europe's most beautiful cities, accepted candidates are given an internationally competitive scholarship (~ 39,000 EUR) that is exempt from taxation in Austria, but subject to the principle of income aggregation. There is also an allowance for relocation expenses to and from Laxenburg, and some support for monthly business travel. All appointees are eligible for either state or private health insurance and administrative, computer, and library support, as well as other research-related resources are provided by IIASA.

A unique opportunity

Kick start your career and join us at IIASA to:

  • Access a global research network of over 3,500 scholars
  • Benefit from working alongside 382 researchers from 48 countries
  • Conduct your own independent research related to the innovative IIASA research agenda
  • Enjoy the vibrant social life that comes with being part of the IIASA community
  • Live in Vienna, which has been named the best city in the whole world to live in 

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