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Options magazine showcases the complex interdisciplinary research carried out at IIASA by highlighting the latest research news and bringing together different strands of work from across the institute to show how they fit together to inform policy and solve the interconnected global problems that society face today.

People at the heart of climate change

Options Magazine, Winter 2021: A systems look at how our decisions are driving global change. More

Defense of the natural realm

Options Magazine, Summer 2021: At a crucial moment for nature, IIASA research offers hope to turn things around. More

COVID-19: A shock to the global system

Options Magazine, Winter 2020: Addressing impacts and harnessing opportunities for a more sustainable post-COVID world. More

The gender dimension of sustainable development

Options Magazine, Summer 2020: Our world is in the midst of an economic transformation as labor upheavals and climate change wreak havoc on present sustainability models. Could a focus on women’s empowerment help find a way out? More

Unraveling the complexities of a digital future

Options Magazine, Winter 2019: The pace of digital transformation is accelerating and in the process redefining traditional industry sectors and how we live and work. More

A systems look at hunger

Options Magazine, Summer 2019: Undernutrition affects one in nine people worldwide — and it is getting worse. More


Summer: Is Asia facing a coming water crisis?
Winter: Nurturing cooperation, preservation, and prosperity in the Arctic


Summer: The health benefits of systems analysis
Winter: The power of the crowd


Summer: Making the change
Winter: An infinite number of futures


Summer: Getting to Eureka
Winter: Systems analysis for sustainable development

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Last edited: 11 June 2021


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