Past Issues of Options: 1990-1999

Customized research
(March 1990)

Focus on
(June 1990)

The Price of Pollution:
Acid and the Forests
(September 1990)

Economists' prescriptions
for the Soviet economy
(December 1990)

Special issue: included
1990 Annual Report
(March 1991)

Activities on Global
Environmental Change
(June 1991)

Pathways of Pollution
in the Rhine River Basin
(September 1991)

Focus on
Global Change
(December 1991)

Special issue: included
1991 Annual Report
(March 1992)

IIASA's 20th
(June 1992)

Global Energy
(September 1992)

Advanced Computer
(December 1992)

Special issue: included
1992 Annual Report
(March 1993)

Seeking a Better Way:
International Negotiations
(June 1993)

Young Scientists
Summer Program
(September 1993)

Acidification: Modeling
Transboundary Air Pollution
(Winter 1993)

Special issue: included
1993 Annual Report
(Spring 1994)

Managing Water Quality in
Central and Eastern Europe
(Summer 1994)

(Autumn 1994)

(Winter 1994)

Special issue: included
1994 Annual Report
(Spring 1995)

Technological and
Economic Dynamics
(Summer 1995)

Environmentally Compatible
Energy Strategies
(Fall/Winter 1995)

Challenges for Research
during Global Transition
(Spring 1996)

Water Quality in Central
and Eastern Europe
(Summer 1996)

The Power
of Exports
(Fall/Winter 1996)

Implementing Environmental
(Spring 1997)

IIASA celebrates 25 years of
International Research
(Summer/Fall 1997)

Who will Pay the Costs
of Global Change?
(Spring 1998)

Controlling Transboundary
Air Pollution
(Summer 1998)

Population, Aids, Development
in Southern Africa
(Autumn 1998)

Energy and Technology
for the 21st Century
(Winter 1998)

Changing Land
(Summer 1999)

Catastrophe, Infrastructure,
and Poverty
(Fall/Winter 1999)

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