People at the heart of climate change

Options Magazine, Winter 2021: A systems look at how our decisions are driving global change.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, comes at a critical time for humanity and is an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come together to address the threat to our continued existence on this planet that is climate change. This special edition of Options highlights the work of IIASA researchers on the subject.

Our cover feature takes a systems look at humanity’s role in the climate crisis. We are both the cause and victims of climate change, and it therefore stands to reason that we should also be part of the solution. Our second feature explains the role of scenarios in exploring climate change and its impacts, and how these stories of future Earth could help to reveal how we might prevent global tragedy. While systems analysis is uniquely suited to address complex global issues like climate change, it is difficult to pin down. In this issue, you can read all about how the flexible, shapeshifting nature of this discipline is actually also its superpower. 


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Feature articles:
18 November 2021
Plotting the future

Options Winter 2021: Scenarios are essential for exploring climate change. These stories of future Earth help to reveal how we might prevent global tragedy.  More

17 November 2021
People at the heart of climate change

Options Winter 2021: Human activity is the main cause of climate change. It is also people who endure the worst of its impacts. It is a matter of utmost urgency that people are part of the solution.  More

16 November 2021
What is systems analysis?

Options Winter 2021: The concept of systems analysis is difficult to pin down, but in fact, the flexible, shapeshifting nature of this discipline turns out to be its superpower.  More

15 November 2021
The future of the river is in your hands

Options Winter 2021: IIASA research highlights role-playing simulation games as a promising approach to engage stakeholder of sustainable development across sectors in systems thinking and societal understanding of environmental challenges.  More

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