A systems look at hunger

Options Magazine, Summer 2019: Undernutrition affects one in nine people worldwide — and it is getting worse.

In this edition we take a closer look at the many facets of food security from a systems perspective and explore how it impacts, and is in turn affected by factors like climate change and population trends. In addition, we delve into the design of effective multi-objective policies, and examine global financial risk while sharing insights from IIASA researchers who have been exploring systemic risk for over a decade. In our National Member Organization section, we also highlight the institute’s long standing relationship with China and the many fruitful collaborations that have resulted from this partnership.

We hope that you enjoy the variety of articles that we have compiled for you in this issue of Options.

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Feature articles:
30 June 2019
A systems look at hunger

Options Summer 2019: There is enough food on the planet today to provide every person with a healthy, balanced diet. Despite this, undernutrition affects one in nine people worldwide — and it is getting worse.  More

29 June 2019
Applied science with a global reach

Options Summer 2019: As part of its mandate to provide sound, science-based policy advice, IIASA research regularly forms part of influential global publications aimed at decision makers.  More

28 June 2019
Financial risk in the spotlight

Options Summer 2019: IIASA researchers looked at various aspects of global financial risk from a systems analysis perspective  More

27 June 2019
China: Global powerhouse with environmental challenges

In 2002 China became a member of IIASA through the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), launching an era of research collaborations involving universities, government bodies, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  More

26 June 2019
Opinion: A new approach to agriculture is emerging in the world’s tropical belt

Options Summer 2019:Embrapa visiting scholar Mauricio Antonio Lopes writes about how policies informed by science are contributing to advances in Brazil’s agricultural sector.  More

25 June 2019
Interview: Bringing climate change and economics together

Options Summer 2019:Q&A with William Nordhaus, recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics.  More

24 June 2019
Examining the potential of hydropower in Sub-Saharan Africa

Options Summer 2019:IIASA researchers aimed to help policymakers develop solutions for growing energy demands in Sub-Saharan Africa.  More

23 June 2019
The impact of drought conditions in the western US

Options Summer 2019:According to IIASA research, drought can induce significant changes in power sector emissions of CO2.  More

22 June 2019
Understanding environmental impacts of biofuel production in Brazil

Options Summer 2019:The results of a recent IIASA study highlighted the importance of understanding the balance between the production of biofuel and impacts on land and water.  More

21 June 2019
Offsetting increased coal production in Vietnam

Options Summer 2019:Biomass co-firing could be a cheaper way to reduce CO2 emissions that result from coal burning in Vietnam.  More

20 June 2019
Combating increased disability among India's elderly population

Options Summer 2019:Elderly people in India are suffering as a result of poor health conditions and immediate action needs to be taken.  More

19 June 2019
Mitigating the effects of drought in Austria

Options Summer 2019:Large scale drought risk assessments could help quantify the effects of current and future droughts in a probabilistic way.  More

18 June 2019
Where are they now: Sabine Fuss

Options Summer 2019:Sabine Fuss was a participant of the Young Scientist Summer Program (YSSP) at IIASA in 2006. She currently leads a working group on Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change at Mercator Research Institute.  More

17 June 2019
Q&A: Improving transportation systems to combat climate change

Paul Kishimoto joined IIASA as a postdoc in August 2018. His research interests include data, methods, and models that can help chart the future of transport energy use and policy.  More

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